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Times in 24-hour clock.
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About Time Difference Calculator

By using the Time Duration Calculator, one can easily find the actual time difference between two specific points in time (the starting time point and the end time point). In order to use this calculator, you should enter the values of both specific time points in hours, minutes, and seconds. The result will be displayed in absolute time value and standard time format (HH:MM:SS). At the bottom of the webpage you can find some time duration example chart, which can help you understand how this Time Duration Calculator actually works.

Now button will set the starting time to the current time. And the clear button resets the time inputs.

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Time Duration Examples

Starting TimeEnd TimeTime Duration
03:1021:4019 hours, 30 minutes
08:2309:281 hours, 5 minutes
05:2208:203 hours, 58 minutes
03:0808:195 hours, 11 minutes
14:4715:451 hours, 58 minutes
03:0417:4915 hours, 45 minutes
15:3322:447 hours, 11 minutes
16:4818:362 hours, 48 minutes
11:1521:4711 hours, 32 minutes
06:1119:3913 hours, 28 minutes
00:3711:3311 hours, 56 minutes
08:5716:598 hours, 2 minutes
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Robin 2019-07-25 04:12:01

I love this calculator! Loomed all over the Net and this was exactly what I wanted :)

Sam 2019-06-19 15:48:17

Please add AM and PM as an option

HARI 2019-05-17 05:23:42

Pls add the one more option additional hours say

Example time in 10.05 a.m, 8 hours duty need to complete Put 8 automatically time shows completed hours need to work area

Monkey 2019-05-15 17:13:43

Please make it with an option of AM. or PM. it is something that would be very helpful for a lot of people

Mitya 2019-05-02 09:36:04

Thanks folks! You created a very nice time calculator! It's helps to save some time!!!

Arun 2019-05-01 23:10:01

Thanks lot calculation very good

Denille 2019-04-23 09:58:35

Needs to be able to calculate from PM into AM. Using Military Time

Johaness 2019-04-23 07:55:49

someone to help please
The lessons at at our school starts at 8:00am and end at 6:30pm. If there are 7 periods of 40 minutes each, at what time do they go for break?

cate 2019-03-20 17:20:21

can you guys add the AM and PM and also have it to calculate time between different days. everything else is fine.

Kurenai 2019-03-07 11:05:30

This app is great! I use it all the time in school when I want to know when it is lunch...

Kayla 2019-02-21 13:27:32

I wish the calculator could add AM and PM and having a choice of 12 hour clock or 24 hour.

BestAtBasketball 2019-02-10 09:34:45

Amazing and easy to use! Keep this site for the future! Great for calculating time between boring classes lol!

Johnson 2019-01-25 11:25:29

Needs an AM and PM Option.

Baz 2019-01-05 19:57:33

Great little site this. Just wish there was an app version for my phone.

Also if you can't work out a 24 hour clock, you need to go back to school.

Alex 2018-12-17 07:46:12

Great for when you can't do maths and need to know how many minutes of class are left.

Aaliyah .. 2018-12-02 19:50:40

Works so well for college hwk and weekly base planning. I hope they keep 24 hour time but also make a choice for 12 hr time for those who can't translate to 24 hr time.

Jim McCracken 2018-10-16 05:39:42

Why no date? what if I needed to calculate the time between 23:50 and 01:22, for instance? That's a simplistic example, but similar to my use case today.

Cathie 2018-09-28 10:42:12

You don't need AM and PM, convert anything after noon to a 24 hour clock. (ie) 1:00 pm =13:00 2:00pm =14:00 etc. I love this for making bell schedules at our school. Great tool!

Jacob 2018-09-09 03:50:55

I use it for my work to know exactly how long it takes for trucks to be unloaded, I also don’t understand how people don’t get 24hr time.. come on it’s easy..

Additions! 2018-09-05 06:06:32

Dude it would help a lot if you added AM and PM!

Jordan 2018-07-11 11:53:06

Great time saver for converting
Ups: quick, easy, free, clear
Downs: only 24+ method, no option for a break in the middle that you have to substitute from total of work
Other than that love the site would recommend it

Ethan 2018-06-26 18:04:39

Great calculator for my itineraries

name 2018-06-11 09:24:31

For those of you who don't know how to convert between standard to military follow this:

Standard -> military
If your time after 12:00pm, take that number then add twelve.
EX: 3:00pm is 1500 in military time (12+3)

Military -> standard
If your time is greater than 1200 take that number and subtract twelve.
EX: 2300 is 11:00pm in standard time (23-12)

no 2018-05-29 12:21:01

make pm and am

Echo 2018-05-20 12:04:15

Can you please add AM and PM and put an option for standard time? Otherwise this calculator is okay.

Gideon 2018-05-15 08:12:56

It helps me real helps me on my math. The time calculator helped me on my hard time and I want to use it again my Friends want to use it to, they think its good to, they want to use it more and more.

J K 2018-05-02 20:03:53

How do you calculate the end time for a movie that starts at 2:45 pm and takes 1 hour and 37 minutes?

Elssy 2018-04-21 04:19:38

Wow! this worked well. Another question pls. A meeting that started at 10·15am ended at 1·10pm. How long did it last?

Asya 2018-04-09 12:39:54

can you make pm and am

Jessica 2018-03-28 08:57:27

Use the 12 hour clock!!!!

Sarah 2018-03-24 03:14:38

it helped

Abigail 2018-03-18 09:46:31

Add "A.M" and, "P.M"! Also, do standered time instead of military time.

Arianna 2018-03-14 15:22:05

Jareline and Jackie went to brunch at 11:45am. If they left the at 1:12pm,How long did they spend eating at the restaurant?

Angelina 2018-03-10 16:01:30

this website needs updating and work. At the moment u can't count from am to pm and u can only change it to noon and now. That is annoying and a waste of time. silly.

Mc420mc6611 2018-02-22 21:15:04

Thanks came hand for work.

Roger 2018-01-12 00:03:19

Only works if the start time and end time are both in the same day.

Pow 2017-12-26 15:33:10

I love this website. It helped so much. Thank you*

faith grayson 2017-12-21 16:52:12

this website cant count at All

Smitty 2017-12-15 09:26:53

@Anon you need to convert to 24-hour time. Add 12 to anything pm.
1pm - 13:00
10:30pm - 22:30

Anon 2017-11-30 05:29:53

Is it possible to get a calculator for how long you sleep? I put in 10:30 to 6:00 but it showed me am to am time.

sarah 2017-11-28 08:43:11

really helped thanks

find 2017-11-24 18:58:56

find the interval from 3.45 to 2.45

Nel 2017-11-20 21:47:31

I needed so much help

Thank you

Albert 2017-11-14 21:01:19

I don't understand what this do, I need some help of this.

Thank you.

Sinco polo 2017-10-11 13:54:48

it awsome helps alot i got helped a bit to know in the middle of a video in youtube

Munya 2017-10-02 11:52:56

if I worked 5:20 until 10:40 how many hours is that

Isabel Jay Kalunga 2017-09-28 10:47:59

Is It Correct That;05:35pm -06:10pm Makes 36mints?..

Anna 2017-09-27 17:52:52

@ LALA "whhhattt??? in my high school we only get 30 min of lunch? -_- lol 11:50 till 12:20 some one said its 45 min but this calculator helped. thxx this is a good calculator, but u guys should add something to help with stuff like this for ex: if its 6:45 pm what time would it be in 55 min. something like that, otherwise great calc."

How can you say you have forty-FIVE minutes of lunch when at the first place there's nothing to be confused about. You might think it's 40 minutes but never 45 because its' 1150 not 1155! (obviously!)

awo 2017-09-25 17:21:38

thanks help a lot on mathletics

Lala 2017-09-22 11:49:43

whhhattt??? in my high school we only get 30 min of lunch? -_- lol 11:50 till 12:20 some one said its 45 min but this calculator helped. thxx this is a good calculator, but u guys should add something to help with stuff like this for ex: if its 6:45 pm what time would it be in 55 min. something like that, otherwise great calc.

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