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Times in 24-hour clock.
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About Time Difference Calculator

By using the Time Duration Calculator, one can easily find the actual time difference between two specific points in time (the starting time point and the end time point). In order to use this calculator, you should enter the values of both specific time points in hours, minutes, and seconds. The result will be displayed in absolute time value and standard time format (HH:MM:SS). At the bottom of the webpage you can find some time duration example chart, which can help you understand how this Time Duration Calculator actually works.

Now button will set the starting time to the current time. And the clear button resets the time inputs.

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Time Duration Examples

Starting TimeEnd TimeTime Duration
03:1021:4019 hours, 30 minutes
08:2309:281 hours, 5 minutes
05:2208:203 hours, 58 minutes
03:0808:195 hours, 11 minutes
14:4715:451 hours, 58 minutes
03:0417:4915 hours, 45 minutes
15:3322:447 hours, 11 minutes
16:4818:362 hours, 48 minutes
11:1521:4711 hours, 32 minutes
06:1119:3913 hours, 28 minutes
00:3711:3311 hours, 56 minutes
08:5716:598 hours, 2 minutes
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