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About Time Calculator

Time calculator can add or subtract hours, minutes, seconds to the starting time you've entered. Calculated time result will be shown on the right box as total days, hours, minutes and seconds. Also the clock time will be calculated and listed below the time result. You can choose the time calculation operation to add or subtract on the form above. Calculation will be performed just after the operation selected. You can increase or descrease the hours, minutes and seconds value of time by your keyboard up and down keys. Now button will set the starting time to the current time. And the clear button resets the time inputs.

This is the webpage where our online Time Calculator is presented. It is a great and effective online tool to calculate how much time left till a certain moment of time, or calculate the exact duration between two specified points in time. This online Time Calculator is very easy to use and can be of a great help to anyone who needs to make this type of calculation related to scientific work, studies, some daily activities, and so on. There is also some very useful information about time measurement units and the specifics of their conversions between each other.

Time Calculator

Examples for Time Calculator

2 h15 min50 sec
+0 h25 min20 sec
=2 h41 min10 sec
5 h45 min10 sec
+21 h34 min55 sec
=1 day3 h20 min5 sec

Add Hours Minutes Seconds to Time Calculation

On the following time calculation steps, we show how to add time in seconds.

Let's say starting time is 2:15:30
Add 4:50:15

1 hour = 60 × 60 seconds
1 minute = 60 seconds

Calculating starting time in seconds
= (2×60×60 sec) + (15×60 sec) + 30 sec
= (7200 sec) + (900 sec) + 30 sec
= 8130 seconds

To add 4:50:15 to starting time
We calculate seconds too
= (4×60×60 sec) + (50×60 sec) + 15 sec
= (14400 sec) + (3000 sec) + 15 sec
= 17415 seconds

Now let's add starting seconds
= 8130 seconds + 17415 seconds
= 25545 seconds

Calculating days
1 day = 24 hours
1 day = 24×60×60 seconds
1 day = 86400 seconds

We got 25545 seconds
total days = 25545 ÷ 86400
total days = 0

Calculating hours
We got 25545 seconds
total hours = 25545 sec ÷ (60×60 sec)
total hours = 7 hours

We have left
25545 seconds - (7×60×60) sec
= 25545 - 25200 sec
= 345 seconds

Calculating minutes
total minutes = 345 ÷ 60
total minutes = 5 minutes

We have left
= 345 - (5 × 60) seconds
= 45 seconds

So the result is
+ 4:50:15

Subtract Hours Minutes Seconds from Time

On the following time calculation steps, we show how to subtract time in seconds.

Let's say starting time is 2:15:30
Subtract 0:50:15

1 hour = 60 × 60 seconds
1 minute = 60 seconds

Calculating starting time in seconds
= (2×60×60 sec) + (15×60 sec) + 30 sec
= (7200 sec) + (900 sec) + 30 sec
= 8130 seconds

To subtract 0:50:15 from starting time
We calculate seconds too
= (50×60 sec) + 15 sec
= (3000 sec) + 15 sec
= 3015 seconds

Now let's subtract from starting seconds
= 8130 seconds - 3015 seconds
= 5115 seconds

Calculating days
1 day = 24 hours
1 day = 24×60×60 seconds
1 day = 86400 seconds

We got 5115 seconds
total days = 5115 ÷ 86400
total days = 0

Calculating hours
We got 5115 seconds
total hours = 5115 sec ÷ (60×60 sec)
total hours = 1 hour

We have left
5115 seconds - (1×60×60) sec
= 5115 - 3600 sec
= 1515 seconds

Calculating minutes
total minutes = 1515 ÷ 60
total minutes = 25 minutes

We have left
= 1515 - (25 × 60) seconds
= 15 seconds

So the result is
- 0:50:15
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